Arts classes as social intervention for youth

At Cirque Jeunesse En Équilibre we believe that the arts are a very powerful tool when used as social intervention. Cirque Jeunesse En Équilibre’s founder, multidisciplinary social circus Artist Mamoudou Diallo has years of training in using circus arts as social intervention. He was once a student of Cirque Du Soleil’s social circus organization Cirque Du Monde, and later became one of their teachers. Mamoudou is our instructor who specializes in instruction for “social arts” programs as he has a gift for getting through to troubled youth in such a way that instigates change. It is part of our mandate to provide services to organizations that deal in suicide prevention, drug addiction and other problems that troubled youth are facing.

 Please contact us to find out more and book us for organizations interested in offering social work through the arts.

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